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Odds and Ends

How to prounounce Arnée: Arnay, rhymes with hurray! 

Favorite Color: Crimson

Favorite Movie: Meet Me in St. Louis

Favorite Food: Popcorn with olive oil and sea salt

Howarts House: Slytherin (Slytherins can be loving and kind, I promise.) 

Pets: The Professor (White, scruffy, ten-pound, always ravenous, Coton de Tulear)

Favorite Book: I could never choose! I would feel as if I were betraying all the others.

Fictional place I'd most like to visit: Narnia, of course! I'd like to voyage on the Dawn Treader. 

Something everyone should do at least once: Stand in the sea and let the waves bury their feet in the sand.

The best way to start the day: Being nuzzled by The Professor as dewy daylight streams through the open window. 

Ultimate Super-power: To be able to make friends with anyone instantly. Anything is possible if you have enough friends. 

Favorite Quote: Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. - Mahatma Gandi

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Arnée Flores spent her childhood shifting across rural Washington towns, lugging along boxes of books, and switching schools nine times before her family finally settled down on a wheat farm in the tiny town of Reardan, Washington.

Arnée identifies as Vietnamese American, but as a transracial adoptee raised by a Caucasian family in small-town America, she grew up feeling displaced.


It took a long while and a winding path for her to find herself. She spent a few nomadic years exploring, working odd jobs, and studying subjects from Piano Performance at Washington State University to Pre-Law and Political Science at Gonzaga before she finally understood that all she really wanted was to stay in one place and write the kinds of stories that had helped her feel safe during her chaotic childhood. 


Today, she can be found collecting rocks, shells, and other curiosities on the beach near her Seattle apartment, all the while dreaming up wild and magical tales, her little white dog splashing along behind her through the tide pools.

Arnée is represented by Sara Crowe at Pippin Properties, Inc.


She is a proud member of SCBWI. 

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