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 "Finding strength from our stories and trauma—rather than silencing them—lies at the center of this journey. And although magic is important, readers learn that humans make their own magic through hard work, determination, and resilience. A heartfelt adventure." - Kirkus Reviews

The hope spread by the Firebird Song was supposed to change everything. Although nature has returned to balance, the Kingdom of Lyrica suffered for too long, and remains afraid. Worse yet, Princess Calliope has begun to hear sounds--horrible shrieks and cries from across the sea that keep her awake at night--and she seems to be the only one hearing them. How can she lead her kingdom if everyone is so afraid?

When Calliope's friend Ilsbeth is kidnapped, Calliope and the Bargeboy, Prewitt, embark on a secret quest to save her--but before she can rescue her friend, Calliope must find the confidence to act like the Queen she knows she is destined to be.

This imaginative, heart-warming tale brings truths of our own world to the surface, and shows readers that out of sorrow emerges joy, out of fear arises courage.

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